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No phoneline, internet or mobile phone required|From as little as 76 pence per day|Additional discounts for those who choose to purchase 18 month bundles
24/7 Help at the touch of a button

Support for you, your friends, relatives and loved ones is now available in the form of our Personal Alarm Service. Our service is designed to be reached by the simple press of a button that is available each and every hour of the day and every day of the year.

You can have the reassurance and peace of mind to have the freedom of choice to live the life you want. Pressing the button whether in your home or in your garden will alert our call centre and we will contact your friends and family or emergency services where appropriate.

Help only when you need it

One of the major advantages of this elderly alarm system is that it provides total independence as the Call Alert system only comes into action once an emergency call has been raised. This means you can be as independent as you like but still be safe in the knowledge that help can be obtained by just the press of a button via your emergency pendant or medical button worn around the wrist, neck or clothing.

No phone line or internet required

Utilising the latest cutting edge technology, our systems connect to our Call Centres utilising proprietary mobile network technology which is embedded into the Call Alert System. This means no line rental (landline), broadband or anything else is required.

At Call Alert we recognise that more of our customers may no longer use traditional telephones or the internet. Our systems have been designed to work completely independently giving you the freedom to use the Call Alert System anywhere you wish.

The only thing that is needed for our Call Alert System to work is a power connection (normal 3 pin UK socket).

We do not need your mobile phone, the Call Alert System has its own internal mobile connection chip that works independently from anything you may have at no cost to you other than the Call Alert Subscription.

About us

The Call Alert Partnership is a joint effort by two experienced companies spanning more than nearly two decades of monitoring(24/7 Call Alert response), sales and technical expertise within the 24/7 alert response and related sectors.

With over 8000 direct customers currently being monitored from our two Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) this makes us one of the largest 24/7 elderly and personal alarm response establishments in the UK.

Our Promise to you

Our Personal and Elderly alarm subscription provides 24/7 around the clock care, there are no limitations to this service during the subscription as long as it is emergency, panic or medical related. By emergency we mean you need help because you are injured, immobilised or some other condition that prevents you from obtaining assistance easily. This can also be used in a panic situation for example you suspect that an unauthorised person may be within your property. Simply press the button on the emergency pendant and the Call Alert Telecare System will dial the 24/7 emergency response centre.

We have been asked a number of times 'Why do you offer so much more value compared to everyone else?'. There are actually quite a few reasons for this, but the most significant one being:

  • The most important - there are no middle men involved.

    You are dealing direct with us the telecare alert station whereas the majority of our competitors use a third party that can significantly increase the cost of your telecare subscription.

National statistics

From Evidence (NHS Site):

  • About 5% of falls in older people who live in the community result in a fracture or hospitalization.
  • The incidence of hip fractures in the UK is 86,000 per year, and 95% of these are the result of a fall. The cost to the NHS is £1.7 billion a year.
  • Other risk factors for falling include a condition that affects mobility or balance (e.g. arthritis, stroke, or Parkinson's disease), visual or cognitive impairment, urinary incontinence, fraility, and polypharmacy or the use of certain drugs.

From NHS UK:

  • The natural ageing process means older people have an increased risk of having a fall. In the UK, falls are the most common cause of injury-related death in people over the age of 75.
  • There are three main reasons why older people are more likely to have a fall. These are:
    • chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, dementia and low blood pressure (hypotension), can cause dizziness and a brief loss of consciousness
    • impairments, such as poor vision or muscle weakness
    • conditions that can affect balance, such as labyrinthitis (inflammation of the delicate structure deep inside the ear known as the labyrinth)
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