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Call Alert Telecare's Cookie and Privacy Policies

Cookie Policy

Call Alert Telecare's website uses cookies to enhance your experience when using our services. However, we do not use or promote cookies used for marketing purposes or to allow third parties to offer linked promotional services.

Please note that most cookies can be removed by changing the privacy settings of your web browser. Call Alert Telecare is unable to operate correctly without the use of cookies. However, to mitigate the risk of third parties attempting to offer linked promotional services, the naming convention of our cookies are somewhat arbitrary.

There are three types of cookies stored on your system when using the Call Alert Telecare website:

  • EU Notification Cookie - this cookie is stored on your system once a user has clicked on the "We use Cookies notification bar" that first appears at the bottom of your web browser.
  • Essential System Cookie(s) - these types of cookies are automatically generated by the technology that powers our website. They are used to track "state" within the website such as anything you have added to your shopping cart or in the process of leaving us a message.
  • Order Form Cookie(s) - several cookies are stored on the system to help you through the order process (for example you can leave an order form and come back later). These cookies store personal information about you on your system and therefore are heavily encrypted. These cookies are deleted after 10 days if the order form remains incomplete.

Call Alert Telecare is committed to protecting your privacy when using cookies, if you believe there is a risk to your personal information please call us immediately on 0800 8321 999.

Privacy Policy

At Call Alert Telecare we take your privacy very seriously and have committed ourselves to the following principles:

  • We never share your details for the purposes of marketing or any other promotional services.
  • During the ordering process we utilise 2048-bit TLS technology to ensure that the channel between your system and our servers is encrypted mitigating the risk of third party snooping.
  • When logged in to our systems (for example to update your contacts, preferences etc) we utilise 2048-bit TLS technology to ensure that the channel between your system and our servers is encrypted to mitigate the risk of third party snooping.
  • When sharing your details with emergency services or your nominated contacts during an activation we will only provide enough information in line with the Data Protection Act - Principle 3.
  • Your personal details are securely stored within a 24/7 data centre (London, UK) certified to the following levels:
    • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management
    • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard
    • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Standard
    • PCI – DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) Attestation
    • BS 25999-2:2007 Business Continuity Management
    • The Carbon Trust Standard
  • No Debit/Credit card numbers are stored by us, during the point of purchase you are redirected to either PayPoint.Net (Debit/Credit cards) and/or Go Cardless (Direct Debit). However, we are given the expiry date of any purchases made with a Debit/Credit card to enable us to inform the customer that they are subscribed to our service using a card that is about to expire. Sharing of your Debit/Credit expiry date with us is standard practice with Debit/Credit card merchants.

We will contact you in the following instances:

  • We have a query regarding your details stored with us (e.g. we think a phone number you have given to us is incorrect.
  • Billing/subscription related query
  • A contact relating to your subscription has updated their details and we need your permission to change.
  • Setup of your account query


We reserve the right to change our privacy and cookie policies by giving 30 days notice. If you reject our changes you reserve the right to cancel your subscription before the changes take effect.

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