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From this page you can find out how the Call Alert Care System works and other topics. As there is quite a bit to take in we have minimised the content, you can expand any topic you are interested in by clicking the topic heading.

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Which areas do you cover?
  • Areas include (but not limited to):
    • UK Mainland
    • Northern Island
    • Shetland Islands
    • Isle of Man
    • Isle of Wight
    • Channel Islands

We can also cover countries outside of the UK\Europe but please call us to discuss requirements.

Coverage Call Alert Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, UK, GB
How does it work?

The Call Alert Care System Alarm System is a very simple design and process. In an accident (or for whatever reason), the user would hit the pendant button that can be worn around the neck or the wrist. This then sends a remote signal to the Call Alert device which in turn calls one of our alarm receiving centres. A fully trained alarm response operator will then attempt to speak to the user to guage the situation to quickly determine the next steps.

If the user informs the Call Alert operator that they do need any help; for example if it was pressed by accident - the operator will then log the call before ending the connection. However if the user indicates that there is an issue or that the Call Alert operator has decided that there is an issue despite re-assurance from the user; the operator will call the nominated contacts and/or emergency services depending on the situation.

If the Call Alert operator is unable to strike a conversation with the user, the operator will then call the nominated contacts and/or emergency services.

What you need for this to work:

  • A power supply (standard 3 pin plug)
  • Nominated contacts to call upon you if the emergency services are not required

No phone line or internet required, our systems contact the call centre by means of a GSM (Mobile) which is built inside the system.

How the Call Alert Personal and Elderly Alarm system works
What can the Call Alert Personal Alarm service be used for?

Some examples that our Personal Alarm service include:

  • Falling
  • Onset of sickness/illness that could become incapacitating
  • Some unwanted visitor knocking on the door
  • General concerns
  • Updating contact details
  • Some people just need to hear a friendly voice.

There are no unreasonable limits to our Personal Alarm service.

Who uses the system?

We have a diverse range of users that rely upon the Call Alert Personal Alarm service every day.

Some not as obvious as you would think; our users include the elderly, parents with an illness who have young children that may be relied upon to act in an emergency, relatively healthy people living in rural areas on the off chance they may have an accident or feel sick and also individuals who feel vulnerable from cold callers - we can act as a screening service.


Ordering is simple - you can either call us on 0800 8321 999 or you can order online by clicking on the link below

Please click here to order online

Things you need before ordering:

  • The bill payer's address
  • The delivery address
  • The user's address
  • The user's phone number from where the unit will be used
  • Keyholder information (you can tell us later if required)
  • Any info pertaining to the user such as KeySafe into

Ways to pay

We are able to take orders by debit/credit card or by Direct Debit both by telephone or online.

Most people elect to pay by debit/credit for the initial setup fee and first month's subscription and then by Direct Debit for the remainder of the subscription.

Credit/Debit Cards PayPoint Direct Debits powered by GoCardless

Your nominated contacts and the emergency services.
We will share the user address and telephone number, plus other sensitive information such as KeySafe information. This allows the nominated contacts and/or emergency services to quickly and effectively reach you.

Debit/Credit and/or Direct Debit processor
We will share the billing address and billing email.

Courier company
We will share the delivery address and billing/delivery email (delivery email will take priority if it differs from the billing email). However, if you prefer us not to please mention it on the "Additional info/Special Instructions" section of the order form thank you.

Marketing purposes..

In terms of marketing purposes the simple answer is that we don't. In fact we ourselves will not contact you to sell you additional services of any kind.

We may contact you to discuss your subscription such as billing related queries.

However, in order to offer an effective Personal and Elderly alarm service we need to share some of your details with third parties for non-marketing purposes. The full list can be found on the left hand side of this topic.

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